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Declassified Mission: Hoth Excursion
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptySun May 20, 2018 8:54 pm by Diana Allera
Good evening Galactic Federation,

I am Diana Aller’s your anchor for today and what an exciting day it is. The news of the federations achievements and accomplishments have been spreading like wildfire through the galaxy, but the council has never released a statement about their missions or the results! It has all been speculations and reports from eyewitnesses.

Until today! Early this morning Drakyl Yukishiro announced that the council has reached an agreement about declassifying some mission reports to be shown publicly…the first mission comes to us from the eyes of the order’s Battlemaster Jack of Blades! We will now move to the video and I will provide voice over.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transmission Begins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It pans to a black screen as static suddenly appears, the image clearing slowly as it hovers above the shoulders of Jack of Blades. He is towering above the holoprojector wearing his traditional black garments and black breather. Next to him stand Tarla and Tina Jorg, wearing their contradictory blue and red color schemes. The holoprojector flickers as an aged Drakyl Yukshiro appears standing in front of them

Drakyl: Master Jack, Tarla, Tina. I hope you aren’t too cold down there?

Tarla: Nothing we can’t handle Master!

Tarla would nod towards her sister Tina, both smiling sheepishly at each other before turning to their master who was clearly not amused by their antiques. His eyebrow raised, and a clear scoff is audible as he turns to Drakyl once more

Jack of Blades: I apologize for their behavior master, I have instructed them to be more courteous in the presence of their elders.

Drakyl: I wasn’t offended my dear friend, the fact that you called me elder is more offensive actually.

Drakyl would crack a smile winking at the two before his smile breaks and tension dominates his facial features

Drakyl: Now to the matter at hand. We have reports of pirate activity near camp Darton – our Hoth graveyard. We cannot allow pirates to get their hands on our decommissioned ships. Although we stripped them before placing them on Hoth, some of the systems could be still salvaged and weaponized. An oversight of the engineering department. I have sent Elysium company to aid you in this endeavor, they are under the command of Captain Stephanie and first lt. Hermes. They should be useful additions to your ranks. Find out what is going on and stop it before it gets out of hand.

Jack of Blades: Of course Master. If there is a peaceful solution I will endeavor to find it before engaging the enemies. Hopefully, I will end up not using the company you sent as it's vital we solve conflict through peaceful means and not to resort to hasty attacks like the empire and galactic alliance.

Drakyl: I will defer the solution to your judgment, Jack, keep me posted. Master Drakyl out.

The light shimmers down as jack turns extending his hands placing them on the heads of his padawans tapping them gently. He bends a knee as he nods to both. Before extending his hand towards the camera

Jack of Blades: Let us talk tactics young ones, but first I think the camera needs to be recharged.

The image stutters as the camera is following Padawan Tina walking across the graveyard followed by some 20 soldiers all wearing robust winter gear. The group walks with Tina in the vanguard her sabers drawn, but not activated as they traverse the graveyard with a few soldiers handling imaging gear that allowed them to document the stolen and dismantled equipment from the ships. A trooper breaks from the formation as he approaches Tina waving at her before extending his arm holo-receiver in hand.

Soldier: Commander Tina, a message from General Jack.

The holo-recorder glows as the image of Jack appears nodding at the soldier before turning to Tina.

Jack: Tina, we found the pirates base of operation. However, from the looks of it, they do not appear to be pirates…. I think they are just scared villagers trying …

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A Homecoming of Heroes
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptySun Mar 25, 2018 7:42 pm by Diana Allera
Good Evening Galactic Federation, I am your news anchor Diana Allera with a special announcement!

It is my privilege today to announce that the former Jedi order that once stood as a beacon of hope and a vigil tower watching over our federation has been reinstated by Chancellor Kain Yukishiro. This announcement came directly from the chancellor's chambers!

We have sent our team to the field to inspect the ruins of the former Jedi order located on Tatooine, where the order is set to take up residence once more!

The video fades to black as the camera pans to a sand blocked the door with four hooded figures standing in front of it, the crest of the Dark Angels Order stands tall at embedded into the door. The once white marble exterior of the temple now cracked and covered with dust.

One of the figures draws closer to the temple's doors placing his palm on it, the gates swing open as a cool air breeze gushes out of the door, blowing back the cowls of the four.

Diana Allera (Voice Over): Ladies and gentlemen, from left to right, we can see chancellor and grandmaster Kain Yukishiro, his younger brother and Chief of State, Drakyl Yukishiro. The remaining two are Cynthia Tul'ik and Artimis Grand Padawans of Drakyl Yukishiro.

Kain, Cynthia and Artimis would enter together, while Drakyl stares off to the distance behind them raising his arm upwards, before firing a flair gun to light up the sky. Moments later the sweeping sound of carriers gush the area as dust begins to fly from all direction. Three carriers rush the passage towards the temple stopping just shy of the staircase entrance. The doors of the carriers swing open as droids begin stepping out carrying large crates into the temple. Five figures emerge from the carriers removing their cowls and standing at the foot of the stair case as they seemingly admire the view

Diana Allera (Voice Over): Ladies and gentlemen, from left to right, we can see Master Jack of Blades, Battlemaster of the order! Master Dereck, famous for his expeditions to the outer rim! to the left we see Knight Stepehen Amberous, while on the far right we see Padawans Tarla Jorg and Tina Jorg, the famed force sensitive twins under the patronage of Master Blades. This is truly a sight to see!

The camera pans to black as the broadcasting fixates on Allera once more

I am happy to say that this is the start of a new era within the Federation and under the guidance of the new Order I am sure we will see a better future. Welcome home Dark Angels, welcome home our heroes.

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Gromas 16 - The Blood Moon
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptyThu Apr 24, 2014 7:28 pm by Diana Allera
Mining Facility Re-established

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Titanium-Mine_BXR_Mining

Six years after the massacre on Gromas 16 and the robbery of most of the phrikite ore, the Empire has decided to restore the mining facilty on the "Blood Moon" since new signs of resources have been recognized in the vicinity.

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Bulldozer1

Security has now been tightened, the Imperial Military assuring the safety of the workers in the mining facility.

Sports News

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Star-Wars-football-500x374

Also, the Imperial Fireflies have won against the Hotpots in today's Huttball game held on Nar Shaddaa with an astonishing score of 5-0. One of the Firefly players has been recognized for his skills as he managed to be the one carrying the ball behind enemy lines three times in a row! He - Anous Daniel - will be rewarded accordingly as he has made the Empire proud!

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News Update!
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptyThu Apr 24, 2014 12:31 am by Diana Allera
Security Alert - Corellia

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Original

Recently, the local authorities on Corellia have taken down a terrorist ship, whose owner was suspected to have kidnapped civilians. The military personnel have been sent immediately at the crash site, and have encountered several hostile droids emerging from the crashed ship. Fortunately, they have been defeated, and the only survivor has been recognized and a bounty has been placed on his head. The contents of the ship have been confiscated, and the crash site is still being investigated for the time being. Any citizen is asked to steer clear.

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Dooku_CIS

Nickname: "The Airborne Sorcerer"
Reward (Dead/Alive): 500.000 Credits

Any citizen that possesses any sort of information regarding this dangerous criminal is asked to report at the nearest police station.

Energy Drink Contamination Notice

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal Monster_sucks3

Attention to all consumers of the MONSTER energy drink! Trustable imperial scientists have identified the presence of an unwanted constituent which may lead to severe illnesses. Those that have already drank this energy drink are asked to head to a medical facility as soon as possible for examination.

Dark Council Reformed

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal SithCocktailParty-TOR

After several meetings throughout the Empire, a lot of decisions have been made, such as the reformation of the Dark Council. Several Lords of the Sith have been deemed unworthy and therefore have been thrown out of the Council. Sith Lord Darth Beliar, a former Imperial Knight and war hero has been recognized for his great deeds and achievements, and has been accepted into the Sith Order.

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Breaking News! Emperor Missing - Galactic Reformation
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptyTue Apr 08, 2014 12:15 am by Jessica Havenfall
DANN - Dark Angels News Network - Breaking News!

Emperor Missing

In an official statement today, Darth Hexon of the Dark Council on Dromund Kaas, has declared the Emperor: Officially Missing.
A statement released by Imperial Security Forces stated: ''The Emperor's Shuttle mysteriously disappeared after entering hyperspace on an uncharted rout to the Unknown Regions. Four Minutes and thirty-seven seconds after the jump to hyperspace was made, contact with the shuttle was disrupted and all signals from the shuttle stopped. Several teams were sent to investigate and nothing was found of the Emperor or the shuttle.''

The Dark Council and the Imperial Knights have declared a state of Emergency and Several Meetings are already in place to discus the future of the Empire. ''One thing is for certain... The Empire can not control the core words safely without the Emperor present, as such we have happily released control of the systems to their respective owners.'' Stated Imperial Knight Emeric after the first of several meetings had finished.

One thing that this reporter can say for sure, the Empire can go in any direction from here.

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal DromundKaas-TOR_zps1e53f645

Galactic Reformation

In a surprising turn of events, the New Galactic Confederacy senate have passed a vote to once a gain, split up. The Galactic Alliance and the Republic of Allied Systems have been reestablished and all territories have restored to their previous owners. The Inquisitor leadership has also been disbanded and the Jedi Order on Coruscant has been restored. Both parties, along with the Empire have signed Neutrality Agreements that will at least for the time being, provide peace.

In other news, Coruscant is under heavy repair as the plant life created by the Genesis super weapon as begun dieing, unable to support it self. ''The dead foliage will take months to remove from the planet.'' Stated Senator Bukan of Thokos


There is no doubt, the galaxy is in for some interesting events in the future, lets hope the peace lasts as long as it can. This is Jessica Havenfall, signing out.

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The New Galactic Confederacy
Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal EmptyThu Mar 20, 2014 4:55 pm by Sarah Ravensdale
INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

The New Galactic Confederacy

Dark Angels Jedi Order - Portal 6610495_std

Today the remnants of the Galactic alliance and Republic Of Allied Systems has decided to form into the New  Galactic Confederacy, this is to work in a similar way to the Galactic alliance, with democracy over-ruling all. However should rapid response be found necessary, emergency powers are immediately available to the Confederacy leader with no-need to vote.
The worlds will be their own independent states and will not necessarily need to answer to the Confederacy unless they are found to have committed acts of treason against the governing bodies. If this is found to be so, or any plotting to over-throw the current elected official, then that planet's representative will be in question. If those on the planet resist, the planets populace will be under full investigation and lock-down.

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