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 Vong Retreat?

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: Vong Retreat?   Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:05 am

INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

The War is over?

As allied forces pushed over the southern sectors, no vong forces have been found. As ground forces landed no opposing forces have been found on the planet, while efforts continue to free those survivors we have to ask the question. Where have the vong forces gone? Did we win the war...? Was it not too easy?

A new threat

With the vong forces gone, tensions have begun arising between the galactic factions, the Galactic alliance and RAS have been flexing their muscles against the Empire-Cartel Alliance. Will this result in another war before the economy even has a chance to recover, this imperial hopes that the factions can just get along and so that peace can once again reign. However with the crashed economy and Coruscant being in the hands of the empire along with many of the core worlds peace seems as though it will be impossible to maintain due to the wounded pride of the Galactic alliance.

Genesis device on the move

The galactic alliance have begun moving the genesis weapon towards the southern sectors, while concerns have been raised about the powering of this device the galactic alliance has refused to answer any intrinsic details upon its powering methods. Imperial agents have as til now been unable to get access to the device.
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Vong Retreat?
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