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 Concerning the Recent "Politics"

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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:05 am

Vigil wrote:
Mehhhhh... Generaly, what they ment by dark /sithy characters is that.. DaJ is supposed to be a jedi order not a sith one.. realisticly, the dark side should be forbidden

Wait, isn't this exactly what I said? That dark characters do not fit in because it's a jedi order?

And what do you mean with "lucky not to be refused"? Avea not being given a chance, be just imprisoned, severed and shipped off? That actually is exactly what was going to happen at first, as you might remember.
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Aramis 2

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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:08 am

@ Nuh's post. It was pointed out to Sirius when Aramis joined that his teaching was extreme. You were told that before you accepted my tutiledge. SO don't cry about it. The forest RP was your final rite of passage. Keep in mind you didn't die, on Aramis' intervention.

As for the punishing. Hey, I bet you I don't have enough fingers in your temple to count how many times vrook shocked someone.... It taught you respect, though IRP Nuhallis did not learn any.

And thelast point, about dark side powers in the temple, that's complete BS. You know how many people have come to me double checking sith alchemy because they see Drakyl "Using it to alter midicholorians" or "reviving people" or "teleporting him to another world/dimension/place". Of course not. Because you haven't had to hear it. ALso, he's teaching Jack sith alch. If you can call it teaching. They talked about it once IRP, so now Jack knows some stuff.
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Aramis 2

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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:09 am

Also, this is because Xayton got banned and his message deleted. I didn't realize that was what was missing at first:

Proof point of double standards. I got banned again...again.

Oh this is cute. Kai makes a post and is banned, spams the forums and gets banned again, makes a third account and has an argument and isn't banned yet. However...I say hello (anywhere) and I am instantly banned. Double standards yo.

Since you started the fire I am just going to further burn the bridge.

What is abosutely comical is you never take anything I say seriously but me trolling Nuhallis with Vab joining us is taken as gospel. You should get better evidence then that.

Kain YukiShiro wrote:
Although because i left seemed like ''spite'' in your eyes, i more left with the reason that some people were to ignorant to listen to some strong valid points i had at the time which were even backed up by a councilor at that time..

The real truth of the matter is, you never really made any "strong valid points" and even fewer of your points were "backed up by a councilor." The only point that you ever made that had any discussion was the "Anti-OP Agreement." Otherwise you didn't actually do anything. Sorry in the intrest of fairness the only other points you made where ones that involed having a banking system and new ranks (which were done). No where on the forums do you made "strong valid points" nor were any "strong valid points" discussed in the Council Section of the forum even by the council member who apparently backed you up.

How quickly you forget what happened days before you quit DAJ. Mazik ripped you a new asshole when he caught you IMPERSONATING Galen on the server. In the middle of a class you had Galen log off the server and come back as a random troll, then you logged on as Galen (same name, tags, everything). All because you wanted to "test the knights" as you put it. Mazik then proceeded to publicly rip you a new one telling you that you had no buisness doing that and it wasn't your job to do so. You forget this happened but I was on when it happened because you interrupted my class. Days later you quit and tried to recruit members from DAJ to join GF. Which was later killed due to many of the same problems I and others are hearing about. Also your entire clan was filled of friends of Taz and Dax.

Sirius Leos wrote:
If you did not notice, i was present back at the old dark angels jedi order quite content with my master rank for the period of two weeks or more, i did not fuss about my rank, nor was this actually an issue. I will not go into them because i do not wish to slander or insult anyone based on my personal feelings in this matter.

I wouldn't start this with "If you didn't notice" because you have no idea what you are talking about. As evidenced here; http://dajc.createforum.com/alliances-a ... t7115.html

You were demoted to Master on June 22nd. At the time of your demotion you last post was back on March 15th. The most recent post after you were demoted was July 25th. You left DAJ on July 27th. Don't believe me check for yourself. http://dajc.createforum.com/search.php? ... 7&sr=posts

Yeah you didn't make a fuss about your rank because you were not even around to know it happened until you came back.

How quickly people try to say things as fact when it is easily proven otherwise. People need to not make things up. See the difference between me and you. You guys refuse to provide evidence for your claims claiming you don't need to. I on the other hand provide evidence and first hand accounts of what happened. I'm a mean, vindictive, arrogant know-it-all. Be warned. Keep being cute and stay frosty.


reveal the identity of informants
Sirius Leos: or reveal the identity of informants*
Vaboda: But I know who it is already.
Sirius Leos: you may make your appeals later on in the week.
Vaboda: and you practically just confirmed.
Vaboda: So basically.
Vaboda: I'm not allowed to have an opinion?
Sirius Leos: i may not do anything to damage the integrity of reveal the identity of informants
Sirius Leos: You are, if you wish to voice it reasonably here
Sirius Leos: go ahead
Vaboda: Change the name in the proof?
Sirius Leos: i may not do anything to damage the integrity of or reveal the identity of informants
Vaboda: I know it's Nuhallis.
Sirius Leos: i may not do anything to damage the integrity of or reveal the identity of informants
Vaboda: Instead of dancing around the subject just say it was.
Vaboda: FFS.
Sirius Leos: Your just gonna get that every time you ask guy..
Vaboda: And obviously I don't get to have an opinion If i get instantly banned for voicing my opinion.
Sirius Leos: If you want to make a case and profess your innocense go nuts
Vaboda: Or my side of things.
Sirius Leos: innocence
Sirius Leos: Frankly, if people harrass members and multiclan, you had already been going on about these topics enough. I'm giving you a chance to voice things now
Sirius Leos: If you don't want to thats your problem
Vaboda: I didn't Harass Members.
Vaboda: Tho.
Sirius Leos: if you 'know' where the evidence comes from
Vaboda: And you won't show proof so i'm going to assume you have none.
Sirius Leos: then stake your claims as to why
Vaboda: What do you mean.
Vaboda: I just asked Nuhallis to come and roleplay.
Vaboda: I never tried to recruit anyone.
Sirius Leos: WHY are you innoent
Vaboda: What do you mean why am I innocent.
Vaboda: Why do you think i'm guilty, rofl.
Sirius Leos: harassment
noun: harassment; plural noun: harassments

aggressive pressure or intimidation.
Vaboda: Yeah, never did that.
Vaboda: Nice try though.
Sirius Leos: It was constrewed and taken as such
Sirius Leos: Anyway if that is your only defense?
Vaboda: So then.
Vaboda: I'm getting banned because someone misunderstood something.
Vaboda: Got it.
Vaboda: Thanks.
Sirius Leos: You were banned for the stated reasons
Sirius Leos: The ban's term is a week
Sirius Leos: If you wish to re-state your case you may.
Sirius Leos: Or
Sirius Leos: if you wish to take this up with another councilor be my guest
Sirius Leos: The logs of this will be posted in the appropriate section of the forums
Vaboda: DOesn't matter because i'm forum banned.
Vaboda: How about you show me the logs.
Sirius Leos: You are forum banned for the week.
Sirius Leos: i may not do anything to damage the integrity of or reveal the identity of informants
Vaboda: I think it's funny.
Vaboda: That.
Vaboda: You deleted the topic I made.
Sirius Leos: LOL
Sirius Leos: no
Sirius Leos: you were banned so it
Sirius Leos: ''removed your post til your unbanned''
Sirius Leos: <--- was unaware it would do that
Sirius Leos: So it'll pop up in a week
Sirius Leos: however as far as im concerned it was self glorification and had no purpose in attempting to prove your innocence as it was more of a statement as to why you didnt think you were ''in the wrong''
Vaboda: Self Glorification in what way.
Sirius Leos: Something along the lines of.... ''i just want the two clans to live in harmony, i didnt do anything wrong..'' As opposed to clear cut statements as to why you were not guilty of the accusations made against you
Vaboda: Because I didn't do anything wrong.
Vaboda: Pls.
Vaboda: show me proof of what I did wrong before you accuse.
Sirius Leos: i may not do anything to damage the integrity of or reveal the identity of informants
Sirius Leos: I will talk to the informant at the next available oppourtunity
Sirius Leos: and have her/him tell me if it is ok for me to divulge the contents
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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:12 am

Aramis for real use quotes so your spam post aint an eyesore to read.....

And i wasnt crying about your teachings, they helped develope nuhallis into the Character that he was... I ment that normaly, in a realistic jedi standpoint, it should have never happened. BUT at old daj no one really gave a crap to stand up to moraly wrong choices/activites

@als I was talking more about the first character then the avea, or hard to explain at midnight but two dark characters in a row is what i mean, given the IRP conditions and location of the order and what not...

EDIT: It wasnt really forest RP considering you had me write it out, with no actual game RP involved what so ever, like a majority of your teaching...

''gets on xfire, *Aramis D'almuri Gives class in push and speed''
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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:20 am

I don't know, I think trying to save her was a pretty normal thing to do for jedi. Especially since severing people from the force isn't something a jedi likes to do, as it involves tempering with it more than usual.

The big difference was probably, that you could talk to her through her celldoor, that likely wouldn't have happened in the generic pre-clone wars jedi order (though it really helped turning her).

Also, I am not even reading Aramis' posts at this point. I mean, I like to play on their server, because it gives me the opportunity to play characters I couldn't play on ours, but I disagree with the way this argument is had in general.
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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:41 am

Okidoki, people have wrote some stuff, people received some replies, people write the same stuff and... eventually its all about how we run things here in which you (Aramis & Xay) have no say in what so ever.

So stop complaining about our rules, stop coming here with insults and stories which dont make any sense at all.

You had your replies, now please stay away here if you dont have anything else to say except insults and the fact that we dont run things well here.

Yes we are happy to hear you guys dont OP and your trainings learn students respect, now go train your students and dont bother us with it?

Locking topic.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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PostSubject: Re: Concerning the Recent "Politics"   

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Concerning the Recent "Politics"
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