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 First Diplomatic Announcement

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PostSubject: First Diplomatic Announcement   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:38 pm

Im Kain YukiShiro, new head of the diplomatic Wing.

I like to bring out the first diplomatic message to the outside world and to its members.

Topic 1 - Merging of the two DAJ's:

We've all heard this topic more than once and im sure people are still wondering if this is open for debate.
The thing is, if some tend to forget why we created this new DAJ, it was to keep the name DAJ alive.
Ive been around DAJ for alot of years now and before we plit for the new DAJ the activity was dropping and everything happening was causing an even bigger drop in activity until the point there was almost none left.

Now dont take this the wrong way, this is my opinion and this was ''my'' and some fellow friends our reason to recreate DAJ on its original foundation and make sure the name would stay in the JKA community.

Now after several debates during council meetings we are 100 procent sure a merge wont do the clan good.
Im sure alot of us have old friends there and wish they would all be able to roleplay together, but this is for the overall clan and they are always welcome to roleplay with us, dont forget that!

The merge would benefit the old DAJ, we rebuild everything and they simply join back with their old ranks and ''might'' cause the same problems we had in old DAJ.
We all had our reasons to leave and we all worked hard to achieve the active clan we are today, if we bring back negative factors from old DAJ we will start to create the same atmosphere which caused us all to leave in the first place.

Therefor i like to thank every single member for its input the last couple of months.
I also hope everyone understands the reason ''why'' we wont merge and that everyone will respect the councils decision on this matter.

If you have any questions about this topic, please PM me and i hope i will be able to answer your questions to its fullest.

Thank you all for your understanding.

Topic 2 - Diplomacy Wing Applications:

Recruitment is open for all members of the order.
So do you feel you are capable in solving problems without the use of violence, than this is just the wing for you.
Im also sorry for the hopefuls that wish to apply but please be alittle more patient, we only allow members to join this wing.


Chief of Diplomacy Wing - Kain YukiShiro

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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First Diplomatic Announcement
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