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 A Valiant push

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: A Valiant push   Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:29 pm

INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

Coruscant Liberated

As RAS and Galactic Alliance forces mustered the imperial 721st fleet glided silently into the core systems, the resulting firefight with the vong was miraculous. The ships in question had been retrofitted to fire high velocity explosive slugs as opposed to the standard energy weapons. These were shown to have a devastating effect. The Core systems were liberated by the empire's fleet and as such they have claimed the right to these systems until the war is won.

Galactic Alliance at a loss

After the sudden capture of the core worlds by the empire, the Galactic alliance is deliberating their next course of action, whether to engage the warriors of the imperium and take back their capital or to simply name a new planet their capital. Regardless of their choice revenge seems to be the main agenda here today with main inquisitioners claiming that the sith and the empire have shown their true colors. The empire claims, as their soldiers and warriors put their lives on the line and retook the core worlds that they should fall under the jurisdiction of those that may protect them. All previous attempts at retaking the core worlds had failed miserably.

Vong Takes the southern sectors

The vong today completed their taking of the southern sectors however with the empire seizing the core worlds the galaxy map today looks something like this :

Mystery fruit cures.. impotency?

Ever feel like you want to reproduce but you just can't summon the libido? Well, some scientists claim that eating of a certain fruit that has apparently been named 'poon fruit' cures not only erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer, but it also secures healthy bowel movements in those with Irritable bowel syndrome and infertility. This fruit is thought to be worth 1,000,000 Credits per fruit based on their huge size and researchers are endeavoring to discover where this fruit came from.
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A Valiant push
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