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 A New Hope

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: A New Hope   Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:13 pm

R.A.S. Strikes Back

At this very moment, R.A.S. military forces are pushing back the Vong from Malastare as a result of unleashing a powerful bioweapon prepared by the Chancellor himself to crush the opposition. It seems that this virus is spreading quite quickly throughout the enemy lines, weakening the Vong at a fast pace. It is rumored that some of them have fallen even after a few minutes of being infected. It's highly likely that it is a matter of hours until Malastare is taken back. The Chancellor has stated, prior to the release of the bioweapon, that this is only the beginning.

Defensive Countermeasures Against The Plague

At the request of the R.A.S. Senate and its Supreme Chancellor, several blockades have been organized throughout known space to stop the plague from spreading any further into the R.A.S. territory. It seems the infected creatures are not trying too badly to breach the reinforced defenses, and are currently falling back in Imperial and Cartel space.
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A New Hope
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