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 Cartel-Imperial Negotiations

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: Cartel-Imperial Negotiations   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:48 pm

INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

Empire forms an alliance with the Cartel

The empire has today entered an alliance with the hutt cartel, the hutts have promised their co-operation in the war against the vong. Genuba who is currently the head of the cartel announced the following statement at a press meeting earlier today

"With the galaxies forces now fully combined, we shall end this conflict."

Do the hutts really care, or is this another ploy to simply get what they want? We would like to think they simply wish an end to the fighting. According to rumor however, Genuba has already begun plans for the after-war parties on nar shaddaa.

Final Push From Corellia

With the Cartel now involved in the war, the galaxy faces a war on two fronts, one from the fallen core worlds and the second from the southern sectors.
While a reserve force holds position at the southern sectors a massive armada dwarfing anything ever mustered in recent history is amassing near Corellia. Their plan is to take out the Singularity and Re-take the core planets.

Genesis Device unveiled

The Galactic alliance have today revealed their superweapon, It is capable of restoring life to a dead planet, something that will be sorely needed in the times after the vong war.

Joyful Jawa Predicament?

A Jawa recently appeared above dromund kaas in a vong cruiser, alarms were raised immediately but as the vessel was boarded the only occupant seemed to be a jawa who was in complete control of the vessel. Investigations are still ongoing into how this occured and how it was possible.
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Cartel-Imperial Negotiations
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