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 News update

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: News update   Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:30 pm

The Tides Have Turned

Recently we have received word that the Young Empire on Kashyyyk has been under attack by the Empire a few weeks ago. There have been rumors that the Hero of Tatooine, Jedi Master Dagon Marek, and Jedi Knight Galen Durnal II, a very good friend and associate of the U-K, were sighted on the battlefield, and technically eradicating any enemy forces. Nothing seemed to have stopped these two brave warriors, which are now honored by the United Tribes of Kashyyyk. A vast part of its territory has now been freed with their help. It has also been said that the two heroes had to engage several Dark Jedi in lightsaber combat; nevertheless, they all fell. If only the galaxy would have more people like those two...

The Unknown Force

A while after the Imperial assault on Kashyyyk, the United Tribes of Kashyyyk have surprisingly started to gain back territories from the Young Empire. At this moment it is believed that a very courageous person has been aiding the U-K all this time. Will Kashyyyk eventually have peace? That remains to be seen...
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News update
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