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 Strange sightings

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: Strange sightings   Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:17 pm

INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

Mysterious appearances

Strange things have been seen in the galaxy today, a womans voice followed by the appearance then disappearance of this figure has been seen from dromund Kass to corellia...

Reporter sent to prison for sexual images

Following the unauthorised pin-up report by jessica havenfall which quickly went viral throughout the known universe, she was called in for questioning and today sha has been sentenced to four years for indecent exposure.

Prison attack!

Last night one of several GA prisons came under attack from Yuuzhan Vong forces in search of imprisoned Jedi or Dark Jedi for eradication, reports say they came out of nowhere having heard rumours of Jedi that had been captured and imprisoned or fallen ones sent away, however, the latest prison to be attacked received a harsher treatment… The facility destroyed and its rumoured some prisoners have also escaped, Inquisitors tried to deal with the invaders but were unsuccessful and retreated..

The list of criminals that have escaped are presumed armed and extremely dangerous. There has issued a warrant for the arrest of these criminals and are to be brought back dead or alive to the nearest GA outpost after the fall of Coruscant…
The list of names are as follows

Ikkoran Maddu – Rodian Male terrorist charged with murder of GA civilians via bombing the lower cities of Coruscant, before imprisonment, attempted assassination of two GA Senators. Suspect is 5 ft 6, green, bulky, half cyborg.

Jeeni Kerys – Zeltron Female, Bounty Hunter, charged with destroying both GA and Imperial outposts

Katiana Verda – Human Female, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter charged with the murder of a previous GA Chancellor and his guards caution, this suspect is highly dangerous, accurate with a blaster and is capable of using the Force, recommend extreme caution. Description of suspect if 5 ft 8, Caucasian, reddish-brown hair, bright blue eyes.
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Strange sightings
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