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 A Question About Character Transfer

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PostSubject: A Question About Character Transfer   Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:17 pm

This forum could really do with a question/suggestion section of sorts.

Either way, certain charismatic people are slowely convincing me of the benefit of actually joining this DAJ, by leaving the other offically.

I just have one question, upon which this entire decision kind of hinges: can I transfer Alssea's experience to my new character Avea?
It would make sense from an IC standpoint, since Avea was trained in the basic use of the force, similar to Alssea, as well as from an OOC standpoint, because I definietly won't bring female Alssea into this DAJ, so I won't abuse this to start with two experienced characters in this DAJ.

So, how about it?
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PostSubject: Re: A Question About Character Transfer   Fri Jan 24, 2014 2:36 pm

First of all...

Dont feel pushed into joining this DAJ, cause ive been hearing and reading stuff that some people are trying to persue you into joining us.

So i really hope its your own personal decision and not cause people force you too.

And well to answer your question(s), we have a suggestion topic for the council but thats for members only cause it are most of the times internal clan affairs.
And well for outsiders that are willing to join and have questions you can PM the admins(knights, masters and councilors).

But um to answer your question: Its really not up to me to decide if you can transfer your powers to the character Avea.
I mean we can easily RP that Avea was a very young student to your Master Sauros and havent had alot of knowledge of the force, meaning you can pretty much start with a clean sheet.

But i will talk with the others about your request and we will get back to you.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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Xarav Matoa


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PostSubject: Re: A Question About Character Transfer   Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:54 pm

Just going to butt in here from my personal opinion

There is no other DAJ, it's dead and if you haven't realized yet you are probably the only one to think so even from that group.

Transferring powers though... why? most of us have restarted including me for a third time, why shouldn't you? :\
That is of course you mean just keeping whatever has been approved so far for your current character's force power, I just woke up so feel free to kick me in the nuts and tell me otherwise or clear it up xD
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PostSubject: Re: A Question About Character Transfer   Fri Jan 24, 2014 4:36 pm

I don't really WANT to start with a clean sheet, that's the thing. I find classes to be rather dull in their concept, at least the basic ones. I already did all that with Alssea, and I didn't particulary enjoy it. I am over 20, have RPed for what may be a decade now and I just don't enjoy being taught "Force Speed" for the fifth time, hearing the explaination yet again, feigning interest, yet again, and then running in a circle for ten minutes, yet again. While of course, also having to play a child and do nothing while the rest is on a mission.

If you enjoy it, that's fine, but for me it's another reason I am rather hesitant about joining a jedi RP. So yeah, this would probably play a big role whether I would want (and not forced to, I am actually being genuinly convinced) to become a member of DAJ, or rather keep playing roles outside the jedi.

Oh yeah, edit:

The reason I posted this here, instead of PMing an admin, is because I figured the council would probably all want to read this, since it would probably be a council decision, so I would make it accessable for everyone.
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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Re: A Question About Character Transfer   Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:39 pm

First of all... i want to first dismiss all rumors that the 'old DAJ' is dead, as long as a member is still posting in the clan then it is still alive, and as long as someone is willing to post even in the shout box and has belief in it, even a sinking ship can be rescued. That said it depends on having a council that will work to aid the clans survival with thoughts of the future regardless of how many say that your dead.

The classes thing.... Personally as long as your not coming in with a character saying 'i KNOW HOW TO USE LIGHTNING DERP' or for that matter any dark power im quite contented most of the time, however as for your comment about rping for a decade please bear in mind that many of us have been role-playing for similar amounts of time.
[More precisely speaking i know that the majority of members here have role-played for way over a decade]
Time isn't really the issue.

What you seem to be missing about characters [which may be due to a... certain misinterpretation on your part in regards to roleplaying] Is that they develop. The reason most people chose to start again is not because they wish to do the classes again. It is because if starting a new character they will wish to develop the master-padawan bonding and experience all of the emotions that the character feels as it grows, along with all of the relationships with your class mates... along with other things. To skip out on learning some powers because you 'Don't wish to learn those powers again' Seems somewhat detrimental to the entire concept of us being a Role-play clan. Its like starting a story book halfway through, sure you will still find out how the story ends but you'll be missing a fundamental part of the developing story and perhaps wont be so attached?

Now if this was going to be a carbon copy of another character then... Well that's just a sad use of time and i would much sooner have you role-play your old character than have you role-playing a totally new one with the same history.

Now i haven't meant any of this to be insulting or derogatory however i do feel your missing some of the fundamental concepts of why we role-play.

As for playing roles outside of the jedi, while it does state we allow public characters for a certain period of time, surely there is less fun in changing characters every month as opposed to playing one consistently and watching him grow into something spectacular. As examples of spectacular character growth you can look at Characters here like Sylar, Sevi, Jaina, Nuhallis... All of these people are phenomenal guys and DESPITE everything they enjoy role-playing so much that they have all been willing to start again and HAVE that growth.

In the end its your call, if you still wish to retain your character after this please pm the council group on the forums.

I just feel like you'll be missing out if you try to cut corners like this.

Best wishes.
Topic locked.
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PostSubject: Re: A Question About Character Transfer   

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A Question About Character Transfer
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