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 <<Accepted>> Yifioh

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PostSubject: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:08 pm

(RP)Name: Yifioh

(RP)Gender: Female

(RP)Age: 11

(RP)Race: Diathim [Temporarily Human]

(RP)Place of Birth: Moons of Iego; Millius Prime, Haven of Silvanar

(RP)Why do you want to become a Dark Angels Jedi?: ... A thoughtful look could be seen on her face, as if she didn't have an answer. Then she spoke to me and all seemed .. clearer. "Take me with you. Please." A simple plead to leave this place behind, this place that reeked of rancid depravity and death. Under duress and unable to turn away from a genuine plea for help, I obliged and took her with me.

(RL)Age: 19

(RL)Do you have friends/brothers/sisters in DAJ?: No

(RL)Have you read the DAJ Constitution and agreed to follow DAJ rules?: Yes

(RP)Have you ever been a member of the Dark Angels Jedi before? And if so who/what rank were you?: No

(RP)Other Names/Characters: None

(RP)Previous Clans: None

(RP)Short Biography:  

"They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe. They live on the moons of Iego, I think."

Those were the words a young boy, unknowing of the vast universe and the galaxy, who spoke about the mysterious species of people known as the Diathim. He compared them to angels and rightly so, for it was hard not to, for the many that have encountered and seen them without succumbing would return with tales of varying degrees of truth. That they actually flew into space without air and flocked around their ships, pointing, smiling and gawking like little children. Or that they lured spacers in, blinded them with their beauty, causing them to crash their ships into the moons that they inhabited, never to be heard from again. These tales ranged from the truth to made up folklore and fairy tales meant to entice the customers in the bar to continue buying drinks for an even more exaggerated continuation of the tale.

Most took it seriously and ventured out to look for them in the Outer Rim territories, falling prey to the dangers of roaming so far away from galactic law. Pirates, outlaws, slavers and scum of the universe made the Outer Rim territories their home away from home, either running from the bounties on their heads or making a small profit off the many hidden opportunities a place such as this had for them all. Those that managed to find them saw that the stories weren't as far from the truth as they thought, though none returned with ship intact. This of course was an unintentional effect caused by their glowing white skin, temporarily blinding as they gathered around the ship en-masse, their youthful curiosity unintentionally causing many of the horror stories attributed to traveling near Iego alone.

The older, more wiser Diathim knew to control their young, warning them to not fly off without first asking for permission. Though they were technologically advanced, they had no experience with the building of starships and therefore could never return their unintended visitors back to the stars, being able to fly and breathe in the vacuum of space on their own. So therein and thereafter the spacers, of varying species ranging from the common Human to Trandoshans, Quarren and even the Gamorreans eventually co-existed with them, which in turn helped propagate a breed of hybrid Diathim's. These hybrids held the same general Diathim characteristics, flawless beauty, the unique in-bred ability to survive in space, their glowing white skin and the six wings that grew from their backs. In return, they also held some genes from the father or mother, though these changes were usually minimal, ranging from differing hair colors and eye color.

Yifioh was the result of a union between a human female and a male Diathim, though her real name is not actually Yifioh. That is a story we will now touch upon next.

"They are good and kind, and so pretty they make even the most hardened space pirates cry like small children."

These words, though hopeful and optimistic, was only half-true. There were those who saw profit in such a legendary and rarely seen species of people, some sought to capture them and sell them on the galactic black market as a one of a kind servant; though any attempts at capturing the Diathim usually ended up in failure due to their elusive nature when threatened and the fact they could survive in the vacuum of space made them especially hard to pin down. Eventually, a temporary alliance and conglomeration of like-minded individuals, groups and funded mercenary companies cooked up an impressive and clever idea to once and for all capture this rare and illustrious species. Though the older and wiser Diathim knew to shy away from the arrival of ships, both as a sense of precaution to themselves and in hopes to avoid an accident, the more youthful and curious would venture out together as a group to wait and watch for the next ship exiting hyperspace.

So when a small fleet dropped in near their home moon of Iego, how could Yifioh and her groups of friends resist such a rare and spectacular opportunity. It was hard to not spot the flock of glowing white young ones headed towards their formation, their glowing skin and the proximity they were in turning them into a beacon for all to see. No longer surprised, these men and women were trained and ready, sending out groups of people armed with stun guns and electro-nets to lie in ambush. As the group of child-like Diathim approached the fleet, out sprung the trap, with them caught in the middle of the net as stun bolts and electro-nets disabled or captured the young ones. There were those that escaped, of course, sensing danger. Yifioh was not one of them.

She had stayed behind to try and help free her friends, but the nets stung her hands and she was but a child. What could she do against advanced technology meant to capture humanoids and beasts far stronger and bigger then her?

As she turned her head, she felt a sharp and painful sting around her neck. It was only later in her life that she would be told it was a slave collar, she was personally captured by one of the groups hired by a Hutt lord whom thrived on the business of slavery. It was easy to subdue her, a little applied pressure to the girl's esophagus and mouth caused her struggles to go limp. It was the last she would see of her people; a terrible last memory as she watched them get taken away into the ships she had come out to witness, by the people she had come to meet and greet. When she had awoke, she was in a cage, tiny and restricted to simple leg and arm movements. Painful, to say the least with no room to stretch her wings and fly.

People gawked and stared at her, pointing with their credit chits as they yelled out exorbitant bids. It went on for hours, days. As each session ended, she was placed back in the darkness with the other creatures, slaves and aliens. She would listen to their cries of help, their whines of mercy and release. It was painful. Then finally, one day, she had been sold, released into the ownership of a well-dressed Trandoshan whose name has been forgotten in the thrums of her life. Suffice to say, somewhere along the way, her 'master' had decided to mount her wings on a mantle as proof that she existed. The procedure was .. painful, but the Trandoshan "cared" enough about his new servant to give her a proper doctor to cut away the stubs and disinfect her injuries, medicine to numb the pain.

Eventually she forgot what she was, who she was, and took on the name "Yifioh", given to her by the slave mistress that supervised her. Though she had lost her name and the memory of her people, she did not lose their splendor. The Trandoshan would flaunt her wherever he went, receiving envious glares in return, though the epitome of his confidence and wealth, Yifioh would prove to be his unintended downfall. One night, her master's home came under attack, prompting a fierce and violent battle to take place in the villa as mercenaries and bodyguards clashed. Awoken by the violence, the door of her room burst open, it's chains and locks flying apart. A robed figure stepped through the door, blocking what little light came from the outside, the sounds of the dead and dying freely moving through the flow of the once silent room.

As if seeing nothing interesting, he turned to leave, that is until Yifioh found an opportunity she had thought was lost forever. She opened her mouth and screamed. The robed figure stopped in it's tracks, turning around to face her ..

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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:03 am

Nice application!
You've got my support, worthless as it may be.  Razz 
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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:24 pm

I realise my post was made somewhat after yours, though this application brought several things into question about races we should allow.

We would appreciate it if you changed race for a time to allow us to assess your normal generic race roleplay...

Sorry again for this i know its inconvienient and may come across as rude or callous, frankly however i need to thank you for bringing to light the fact we permit ANY races in normal bio's.

The council decided this however not myself alone.

Should you rp the standard races appropriately your character may simply be allowed in a week or two.

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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:08 pm

Np np. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:53 pm

Welcome, and good luck.

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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:45 am

Welcome and good luck in your hopeful period.

He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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PostSubject: Re: <<Accepted>> Yifioh    

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<<Accepted>> Yifioh
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