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 Emergency Notice

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Emergency Notice   Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:54 pm

Biological Attacks

It seems the wanted Imperial shuttles have been found on different planets, but the crew on-board was not the Empire at all, but strange creatures that are most likely the result of a bioweapon, or they are the bioweapon itself... The defending forces are being overwhelmed by these monsters, however reinforcements will be there to aid them soon. Unfortunately, these five ships were not the only ones containing these horrendous beasts. The GA.N.B. Vindicator has finally reached Onderon, but it proved to be a trap for the security personnel on the planet. Also, I.S. Tango-875S that arrived on Fwillsving had the same crew.

The following planets are currently being under siege by the bioweapon:

Garos IV
Nar Kreeta
Nam Chorios (possible)

It is strongly advised for any civilian to avoid heading to these planets and/or near them until they are reported to be secured. Also, it is believed that Nam Chorios is the main source of these creatures, but if that's indeed true, then what happened with that planet will also occur with these newly invaded ones? It is unknown as to who commissioned the creation of this bioweapon, but the Empire is yet again suspected of this due to the multiple planets under attack by the weapon which are in GA territory. It will be pretty hard to dispatch more reinforcements due to the already existing threat - the Vong.
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Emergency Notice
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