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 Breaking News!

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Breaking News!   Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:34 pm


The following Imperial ships are wanted due to firing upon a friendly shuttle during an escort:

I.S. Beta-100R
I.S. Charlie-100R
I.S. Delta-100R
I.S. Echo-100R
I.S. Foxtrot-100R

Anyone that can provide any sort of information about these shuttles, please inform the Imperial Intelligence at the closest center of operations.

Massacre on the GA.N.B. Vindicator

Recently, the missing GA.N.B. Vindicator spaceship has been found in the orbit of Yavin. Imperial forces have boarded the ship immediately and found nothing else than three Jedi and the dead bodies of the GA crew. It is unknown what did the Empire do with the Jedi, but the GA will certainly be displeased of this occurrence. The GA.N.B. Vindicator will be sent back to Onderon as soon as possible.

Nam Chorios

An imperial team was dispatched a few days ago on the planet of Nam Chorios, only for them to find out that the wicked storm was still going on even at this hour, and that the planet was nothing more than a wasteland now. The team will report back at its base on Fwillsving in order to present the evidence collected on Nam Chorios.
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Breaking News!
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