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 Galactic News

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Galactic News   Sat Dec 28, 2013 6:05 pm

Kashyyyk Civil War

It seems there have been quite a few conflicts between several wookiee tribes on Kashyyyk. After Balocrr the Unpredictable has become the new leader of the Youthful-Tree Tribe due to the death of his father, he chose to rule the planet with an iron fist and conquer multiple villages belonging to the U-K: The United Tribes of Kashyyyk. Also, the almighty Balocrr has formed his own government named The Young Empire. From our current intel, it seems the U-K has lost approximately fifteen towns and villages to this civil war. To make matters worse, it was rumored that Imperial Forces have been mobilizing on Kashyyyk to fight the Grrorr-Tribe, which may or may not be assisted by the Brave-Hand tribe in the future.  Why is Balocrr doing this? And is the Empire trying to end this civil war? We will find out as this story unfolds...

Panic in the Outer Rim

Unnatural clouds have been sighted over the planet named Nam Chorios, and shortly after this was reported to the Intergalactic Special Forces, communications were jammed and it became impossible to call in anyone on the planet. It is rumored that there were also violent storms going on for the past few weeks, and it is unknown when exactly was the distress signal sent, since it is possible for it to have been delayed due to the bad weather. A Galactic Alliance recon starship has been sent to investigate the status of Nam Chorios and its inhabitants, but it seems it hasn't contacted its main base of operation since it went scouting. Will anyone do anything about this M.I.A. GA force? And why are these storms occurring constantly on this particular planet? That remains to be seen...
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Galactic News
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