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 Scouting From Malastare

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: Scouting From Malastare   Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:41 pm

Intelligence leak

This seems to be a vessel of a type not reported before. This Vessel dwarfs all other kinds seen, and is thought to be 30 times the size of our siper star destroyers.

The vong fleet in orbit of Sullust

What remains of the alzocian capital

Imperial Intelligence has today leaked some holo-images from scouts sent to the front lines. Along with these came images of worlds that have been ravaged by the vong and brief glimpses of what lays beyond those portals to the world. You see them here first folks.

According to intelligence reports the vong have taken up positions around those captured planets. Several fleets from imperial, GA and Republic of allied systems bases are said to be mobilizing for an offensive in the next few hours.

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Scouting From Malastare
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