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 Strange Sightings

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: Strange Sightings   Sun Dec 22, 2013 2:27 pm

Strange things seen over Dromund Kaas

Reports have been coming in from the imperial capital of strange figures in the night sky, the image itself being a Star destroyer being pulled by AT-AT's... What could this mean, is the capital in danger?

Scanners did not detect this UFO when it appeared.... Could this be a Vong weapon? Shortly after the phenomenon snow began to fall on the capital and a jovial mood overtook the city. In light of current events this seems to be a miracle.

A Momentary Pause

Fighting seems to have stopped at the Vong front, reasons for this are still unknown but as the vong retreated from the worlds of Rodia and malastare a great cheer came up from the allied fleets. Meetings are scheduled for a few days time in regards to a treaty between the allied parties. Hutts, Imperials, RAS and galactic alliance ambassadors will be at this meeting on coruscant.

The Empire Stole Christmas

Joseph butterfingers and Yoddledaddle Shwartzfinger are lead stars in the new movie ''How the Empire Stole Christmas'' It is already set to be a number one hit. We have no idea what christmas is but it seems to be a new and upcoming THING within the media. Tickets already sold have racked up over 1 trillion credits and the sum is still rising, apparently half of the money raised will go towards the war effort.

Newscaster does a pinup for charity

In the spirit of giving, this reporter has taken part in a pinup picture for charity, all those that buy one will be safe in the knowledge that all profits will go to the war effort!

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Strange Sightings
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