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 First estimates on the death tolls from sullust and naboo

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: First estimates on the death tolls from sullust and naboo   Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:33 pm

Estimated casualties

Including the missing vessels it is thought that over 50 billion people have died or gone missing in this conflict so far. the heaviest losses having been suffered by those on sullust and malastare.

The cartel holds its ground

as the imperial RAS and galactic alliance fleets struggle to defend their vast frontline of battle, the cartels and their fleet seem to be having no issues keeping control over rodia, they have already dispersed the first wave of invaders and are standing strong

Local unrest on malastare

As people evacuate the worlds on mass near the front lines, families are torn apart, friendships are being broken and the usual rioting has begun as happens with every catastrophe. Not only this but the number of suicides has grown tremendously, along with the number of thefts from local buisneses this is not only contained to the front lines, many worlds in the core systems have been reporting riots with civilians trying to overpower the local policing force.

It is said when it rains it pours.

People are advised to support the soldiers at war by acting responsibly in this time of darkness.

Pirates join the fight

A large group of black sun pirates have joined the cartels armada and have joined their ranks, are these pirates the best people we could send to liberate worlds that are almost free of population, its more likely any planet liberated by them will feel their villainous hands at their coffers, but only time will tell and the cartel seems thankfull for their help
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First estimates on the death tolls from sullust and naboo
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