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 The Assault of Rodia

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: The Assault of Rodia   Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:39 pm

Fleet Deployment

Since the loss of those vessels over naboo and sullust the empire, galactic alliance and RAS have redoubled their efforts.
they have taken up the defense of the line of planets currently not under the invaders control, the foremost of these planets being Malastare. Fleets are mostly located around those most inhabited planets that still remain unaffected by the conflict in the southern quadrants.

Hutts Move on Rodia

As the Fight continues to make its way east on the galactic map, the hutts have been forced to mobilize a fleet of their own. This defense was organized by the once pronounced dead Genuba and they are preparing to engage the vong over Rodia which is on the borders of their territory.

Missing loved ones.

People continue to claim their loved ones and friends have gone missing while at hyperspace through these effected area's We must warn you that this is not a place you should stray if you wish to stay alive. There is still no sign of many of the ships that enter those sectors.

Sorry for the lack of good news.

Jessica havenfall
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The Assault of Rodia
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