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 -The Engineering Bay- (RP)

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Xarav Matoa


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PostSubject: -The Engineering Bay- (RP)   Fri Nov 15, 2013 2:58 pm

(Fancy thread coming soon/Thread in Progress)


What is Engineering?
-Engineering is the application of scientific, economic,
social, and practical knowledge in order to design, build,
and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems,
materials and processes[1]

Can anyone do it?
-With acceptance and training, yes!

Who are the lead Engineers?
-Catherine and Xarav

How can I join?
-Seek Xarav out, he's usually in the Engineering Bay.

How does this help?
-Engineering offers members another job opportunity for in temple RP.
There are some of us who would prefer to RP than to spar all of the time. This also
allows us to keep a log of what we have actually created in terms of defence and utilities,
as in previous times people would constantly pull random BS out of their rear.



Job Description:
The temple has decayed over time, causing the system that controls the doors to bug out. They need to all be repaired, and a new system designed.
Status: In Progress
Responsible: Xarav and Sevi

Job Description:
The electrical circuits need to be partitioned so that a portion of the generator remains online as an emergency to provide power to the medical bay. As the Generator requires to be turned off, a Knight will need to supervise and alert the temple before starting this job due to the medical bay requiring this energy, as well as the temple requiring the heating.
Status: Available
Responsible: Engineering Team
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-The Engineering Bay- (RP)
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