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 Skin Development Suggestion

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Xarav Matoa


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Join date : 2013-10-02

PostSubject: Skin Development Suggestion   Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:00 am

A brief discussion with Marlak lead to us wanting to suggest and offer this: It's come to our attention that the current developer is busy with other things, and sadly, cannot make it on as much as us. Marlak and I would like to propose the following:

Many of us hold onto our characters dearly; we love to develop them and watch them grow. I have always been one for wanting to enjoy the best experience possible so, I offer this. Marlak and I are willing to fix and maintain the skin packs on a bi-weekly and monthly basis. Now I wrote two timed events because of my suggestion.

As we're willing to create skins for initiates and padawans, namely, certain features like eyes, hair color, injuries or tattoos, skin color and races for example, I think it'd be a good idea that we limit a bit on the whole customization thing. Back in [GF] and SE we had a similar thing going in terms of personal skins. Carver would do em and basically add uniforms whenever the person would join a wing... well, its essentially the same thing here. Marlak and I are willing to do the same and as well create "base skins" for any hopeful that is ACCEPTED, and up til the point they receive their skin, they should use the youngling pack.

Each accepted player is granted one daily robe, and their uniform/profession skin. I am hoping that this encourages players to join up a profession or wing as soon as possible to help motivate in temple RP.

In short:
Hopeful: Youngling Pack
Initiation: Player grows character, and the dev team begins working on their skin as described in the bio.
Padawan: Either the player received their skin at initiation, or they receive it at padawan.

Example bio:

(RP)Name: Xarav Matoa

(RP)Gender: Male

(RP) Age: 13

(RP)Race: Zeltron

(RP)Place of Birth: Zeltros

(RP)Why do you want to become a Dark Angels Jedi?: To be a real Jedi!!!

(RL)Age: 20

(RL)Do you have friends/brothers/sisters in DAJ?: Yeah

(RL)Have you read the DAJ Constitution and agreed to follow DAJ rules?: Yes

(RP)Have you ever been a member of the Dark angels jedi before? and if so who/what rank were you?: Yes, Padawan

(RP)Other Names/Characters: N/A

(RP)Previous Clans: N/A

(RP)Example Short Biography: Xarav took the good looks of his mother, born with purple eyes and the shape of his father, built like an ox. Xarav was burned in a cooking incident, the whole side of his face and right hand was left scarred.

(RP)Skin Selected:

So, if Xarav were to be accepted, Marlak and I would do his skin during the week and add it to a list that we would release with a batch of other initiates on the second week. One batch is released every second week. After the week ends, assuming people have downloaded them, they get moved in with the old batches. An example of the thread would be:

Marlak Khatar II
Linn Dascora
Nuhallis Tyren

This Week's Downloads:
Xarav Matoa
Yorex Ilumen
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Xarav Matoa


Posts : 170
Join date : 2013-10-02

PostSubject: Re: Skin Development Suggestion   Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:02 am

In the main thread for creating an application, these two skins as an example for now would be posted in what they could select:
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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Re: Skin Development Suggestion   Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:05 am

No personal skins til knight, Y'all know that, that is essentially what this is.
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PostSubject: Re: Skin Development Suggestion   

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Skin Development Suggestion
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