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 <<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.

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Oliver Nickel

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PostSubject: <<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.   Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:53 pm

I would like to issue a formal complaint on one of your admins after RPing on the server earlier today. I was asking one of your members for her name today (Jauslyn) and somehow that turned into a hopeful (Marlak) putting a saber to my throat after I walked into the bar to get warm. This further erupted when I got up and kicked man holding the saber by my throat and was then told in OOC that I should be scared of him. The only scary part of the entire thing was how the Knight (Jack) on the server allowed this to turn into a FFA and allowed Marlak and another hopeful attack me to which I finally faught back and was then told I died three times in RP I should be rping it out. To which I replied I had never agreed to FFA in the RP so I would not RP out the FFA. To which the Knight lectured me on not having read the rules and "You have not RP'd properly since you got here". The only thing I RP'd was talking to the women to which there is no real way to not RP that correctly. To top it all off the Knight then kicked myself and another player for RPing. He kept asking me to answer him in OOC and I refused cause on RP servers you tend to stay in character. So he tired to order me to break the rules to which I refused and he finally PM'd the question to which I gave a reasonable answer to. He asked how I could have gotten there IRP. I told him a Ship had crashed landed on the planet and we had been walking for hours when we came across lights and head towards them. This was even brought up slightly when I spoke to the women about being weak and confused. After the answer we went back to RPing mind our own business to try not to make any more issues and were kicked saying we had to register and make an application or a public character. Seeing as I was only briefly given the site and then kicked without it being repeated I found it after some time. Even in the rules it does not say I have to register to RP on the server at all.

"People also may create a public (non-Jedi allowed) character and RP in DAJ Universe. This does not require any application on the forum and can be done on the forum itself. That doesn’t mean you cant register on our forum to keep updated about news or inform others about yourself."

With that I'd like to issue my complaint on Jack for misuse of admin and allowing a FFA to go on.


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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Re: <<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.   Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:00 am

This will be investigated, thank you for taking the time to file this complaint.
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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Re: <<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.   Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:17 am

Apologies for the wait.

Are you aware of our In game role play rules?
Have you Roleplayed on jedi academy before on other servers?

The Situation in general seems to have been caused by a misunderstanding between perhaps your inexperience role playing or other factors. Next time please calmly inform the other members of your situation in character before you demand a role.

It is true that our rulings say the above however it is common etiquette to introduce yourself to other role players on any server before joining in. Many of our own members even ask ''Is it ok for me to join in?'' before they will join the server.

I apologize for this unpleasant experience however i hope it will not deter you from visiting our server in the future, if it has however i hope you have fun elsewhere!

There have been many problems of late with newcomers causing nothing but trouble, not for sake of role play, merely in the name of causing trouble. By not answering in our OOC method you indirectly antagonized our members, perhaps next time try to answer when an admin is calling you up on something, it may have been important for example; he could have been warning you about breaches of plot... or story elements... or perhaps trying to help you, by not answering you only impeded your own progress on the server.

Once again Apologies, please use // for Out of Character chat if you decide to visit again.

(// <--- Double forward slashes before text indicate out of character chat and it plays a big role in our day to day server life, we are of course a role play CLAN not a community.))
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PostSubject: Re: <<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.   

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<<Answered>> Formal Complaint on an Admin.
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