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 Declassified Mission: Hoth Excursion

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Declassified Mission: Hoth Excursion   Sun May 20, 2018 8:54 pm

Good evening Galactic Federation,

I am Diana Aller’s your anchor for today and what an exciting day it is. The news of the federations achievements and accomplishments have been spreading like wildfire through the galaxy, but the council has never released a statement about their missions or the results! It has all been speculations and reports from eyewitnesses.

Until today! Early this morning Drakyl Yukishiro announced that the council has reached an agreement about declassifying some mission reports to be shown publicly…the first mission comes to us from the eyes of the order’s Battlemaster Jack of Blades! We will now move to the video and I will provide voice over.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Transmission Begins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It pans to a black screen as static suddenly appears, the image clearing slowly as it hovers above the shoulders of Jack of Blades. He is towering above the holoprojector wearing his traditional black garments and black breather. Next to him stand Tarla and Tina Jorg, wearing their contradictory blue and red color schemes. The holoprojector flickers as an aged Drakyl Yukshiro appears standing in front of them

Drakyl: Master Jack, Tarla, Tina. I hope you aren’t too cold down there?

Tarla: Nothing we can’t handle Master!

Tarla would nod towards her sister Tina, both smiling sheepishly at each other before turning to their master who was clearly not amused by their antiques. His eyebrow raised, and a clear scoff is audible as he turns to Drakyl once more

Jack of Blades: I apologize for their behavior master, I have instructed them to be more courteous in the presence of their elders.

Drakyl: I wasn’t offended my dear friend, the fact that you called me elder is more offensive actually.

Drakyl would crack a smile winking at the two before his smile breaks and tension dominates his facial features

Drakyl: Now to the matter at hand. We have reports of pirate activity near camp Darton – our Hoth graveyard. We cannot allow pirates to get their hands on our decommissioned ships. Although we stripped them before placing them on Hoth, some of the systems could be still salvaged and weaponized. An oversight of the engineering department. I have sent Elysium company to aid you in this endeavor, they are under the command of Captain Stephanie and first lt. Hermes. They should be useful additions to your ranks. Find out what is going on and stop it before it gets out of hand.

Jack of Blades: Of course Master. If there is a peaceful solution I will endeavor to find it before engaging the enemies. Hopefully, I will end up not using the company you sent as it's vital we solve conflict through peaceful means and not to resort to hasty attacks like the empire and galactic alliance.

Drakyl: I will defer the solution to your judgment, Jack, keep me posted. Master Drakyl out.

The light shimmers down as jack turns extending his hands placing them on the heads of his padawans tapping them gently. He bends a knee as he nods to both. Before extending his hand towards the camera

Jack of Blades: Let us talk tactics young ones, but first I think the camera needs to be recharged.

The image stutters as the camera is following Padawan Tina walking across the graveyard followed by some 20 soldiers all wearing robust winter gear. The group walks with Tina in the vanguard her sabers drawn, but not activated as they traverse the graveyard with a few soldiers handling imaging gear that allowed them to document the stolen and dismantled equipment from the ships. A trooper breaks from the formation as he approaches Tina waving at her before extending his arm holo-receiver in hand.

Soldier: Commander Tina, a message from General Jack.

The holo-recorder glows as the image of Jack appears nodding at the soldier before turning to Tina.

Jack: Tina, we found the pirates base of operation. However, from the looks of it, they do not appear to be pirates…. I think they are just scared villagers trying to survive on Hoth. I have sent Tarla forth to speak to the townsfolk while I monitor the issue from above. Did anything occur from your side?

Tina: Ummm..yes – I mean no master…its’ all clear here.

Jack: Tina, calm yourself. You need to learn how to behave when your sister isn’t around that is why I split you up. Use this time to grow and find yourself. A Jedi cannot always depend on others and must learn how to grow and accomplish his missions without the aid of others.

Tina: Yea-Yes Sir.

Jack: Tina….

Tina: I am doing my best master, I promise.

A loud growl could be heard followed by a sudden scream from one of the soldiers, as Tina is started standing up igniting her dual lightsabers with her left colored yellow and right colored green.

Tina: What was that?! – Master! I think we are under attack…

Jack: Tina calm down! Remember your training, you have 20 men waiting for your directions. Do not let them die, Okay Tina?

Tina: I can’t do this master! This is –

Jack: Tina! I know you’re able to do this, remember what I told you? Tarla and I are always with you through the force. You’re not alone, now take a deep breath and show everyone your abilities.

Tina closes her eyes taking a deep breath, she grabs her necklace grabbing it with her hands gripping it tightly as she opens the necklace’s locket. She smiles as she glances towards the men standing behind her clearly distorted and distressed. She stands up closing the locket and letting it slip back under her scarf.

Tina: Medics stand in the middle and prepare for immediate medical interventions. Heavy weaponry stands in a circular formation around them providing cover to our men from emerging enemies. Finally, light and assault geared men form a larger circle around the entire group and make sure you have eyes on every corner, protect each other and don’t let a single man die. I am counting on you.

As the men begin scattering and forming as instructed. You could hear every weapon lock and cock as Tina jumps flipping midair onto the wreckage of a ship as she maintains over to watch over the entire venue around the men. She’d unclip her blades as she ignites them her left blade green and her right blade blue. Her sabers' hum breaks the silence of the area as she begins to twirl it.

Tina: Everyone stay sharp. We won’t be taken by surprise.

Soldier: Commander Tina! Movement in the southern section. Preparing for contact!

Several large savage beasts appear growling as they charge the men. Holding their ground one man turns to Tina who’s pointing her lightsaber up high, as the beasts approach further, the hum of the saber swings firmly, followed by the men unleashing several rounds of gunfire at the beast bringing them to a fatal halt.

Soldier: Commander Tina! Movement! Southern, Northern and Eastern directions, fast approaching.

Tina (to herself): Just like Master Kain used to say, if you can’t look in all directions, ask others to.

Tina: Sargent Val, take the lead of the southern approach. Sargent James, eastern approach and lieutenant Ruth, you head the northern resistance. I will support based on need. Western approach – Sargent Dav’ois monitor the approach, the might attempt a surprise assault. Work under the assumption that these are intelligent creatures.

To Be Continued.
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Declassified Mission: Hoth Excursion
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