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 A Homecoming of Heroes

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: A Homecoming of Heroes   Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:42 pm

Good Evening Galactic Federation, I am your news anchor Diana Allera with a special announcement!

It is my privilege today to announce that the former Jedi order that once stood as a beacon of hope and a vigil tower watching over our federation has been reinstated by Chancellor Kain Yukishiro. This announcement came directly from the chancellor's chambers!

We have sent our team to the field to inspect the ruins of the former Jedi order located on Tatooine, where the order is set to take up residence once more!

The video fades to black as the camera pans to a sand blocked the door with four hooded figures standing in front of it, the crest of the Dark Angels Order stands tall at embedded into the door. The once white marble exterior of the temple now cracked and covered with dust.

One of the figures draws closer to the temple's doors placing his palm on it, the gates swing open as a cool air breeze gushes out of the door, blowing back the cowls of the four.

Diana Allera (Voice Over): Ladies and gentlemen, from left to right, we can see chancellor and grandmaster Kain Yukishiro, his younger brother and Chief of State, Drakyl Yukishiro. The remaining two are Cynthia Tul'ik and Artimis Grand Padawans of Drakyl Yukishiro.

Kain, Cynthia and Artimis would enter together, while Drakyl stares off to the distance behind them raising his arm upwards, before firing a flair gun to light up the sky. Moments later the sweeping sound of carriers gush the area as dust begins to fly from all direction. Three carriers rush the passage towards the temple stopping just shy of the staircase entrance. The doors of the carriers swing open as droids begin stepping out carrying large crates into the temple. Five figures emerge from the carriers removing their cowls and standing at the foot of the stair case as they seemingly admire the view

Diana Allera (Voice Over): Ladies and gentlemen, from left to right, we can see Master Jack of Blades, Battlemaster of the order! Master Dereck, famous for his expeditions to the outer rim! to the left we see Knight Stepehen Amberous, while on the far right we see Padawans Tarla Jorg and Tina Jorg, the famed force sensitive twins under the patronage of Master Blades. This is truly a sight to see!

The camera pans to black as the broadcasting fixates on Allera once more

I am happy to say that this is the start of a new era within the Federation and under the guidance of the new Order I am sure we will see a better future. Welcome home Dark Angels, welcome home our heroes.
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A Homecoming of Heroes
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