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 A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil

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Zaraz Valanndil


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PostSubject: A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil   Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:24 am

My name is Zaraz Valandil. I am one of the founding members of DAJ many years ago. I am pleased to see some familar names and faces on this Holonet! Some of you may remember me some of you may not. So let me introduce myself.
I joined DAJ in its infancy. Mutius and Kavar had just founded the Order and I had found myself being one of the first Jedi to be trained under both of them. I was also one of the first Jedi Knights induced into the Order. This was a very happy time for me and I was not too soon after asked to become a Jedi Master and join the Council. It was an exciting time for us all, for our recruitment numbers swelled and there was eager Padawans wishing to learn the ways of the Force active at the Temple everyday. In addition, here is a reference to some the lineage of DAJ

After leaving DAJ due to inactivity (and other gaming interest at the time), I found myself longing to return to DAJ. I do not have the exact timing or date in mind but I do remember that when I did return I found DAJ in quite a different state than I remembered. Leadership was lacking, inactive or apathetic. I tried to reintegrate myself into the Order in hopes to reconnect and hopefully do some rebuilding. Alas, it did not happen and I found myself frustrated with the state of things. It saddens me that the original DAJ has not endured. It had a good run and lasted longer than any of us expected.

Recently, I have found myself longing once again to train students and reestablish a healthy Jedi Order for force sensitives (Role Players) to come and learn the ways of the Force. From what I have observed, there are several splinter factions from the original DAJ Order--JAO, DA, another DAJ and several other remnants. I believe there may be some others that I have not mentioned and those I am not aware of.

From what I can tell from everyone, each faction is having trouble with activity, commitment and determination. I would like to propose an idea to the Council and to the others who are willing to listen. I would like to reform DAJ and all the surrounding Enclaves into one, unified Order under a new name and a new banner--The Galactic Jedi Order. This Order would be heavily based on the original DAJ charter, foundation, philosophy. Now, before you get ahead of yourself and think "Who is he to come in and make such a proposition?" here me out.

Why a different name? We would need a new Identity. Not DAJ-II or The New Dark Angels Jedi--something of our own. The essence of DAJ will be preserved in our ways but a new face would be warranted. A Council would be formed with representatives from each faction. Obviously a new Holonet would be created and a Temple would be established. (Side note: with combined resources of everyone, we would be able to have a primary server for for training and the focal point of the Temple, another with a more generalized map as an "outpost" for any player to join and interact with our Jedi--unless they had the map downloaded of course, then they may be more inclined to join the Temple. Ideally, we would eventually have our own Map created tailored to us--but I digress.)
Ranks would be as they always have been: Council, Master, Knights, Padawans, Initiates. Initiates would act a probationary rank to see if the applicant is committed to staying with us. Padawans would be assigned a Master, as usual. Knights would be the backbone of the Order. Masters and Councilmen would focus on administration and Teaching.

What would be different? What would we do? Our focus would be one thing--genuine Jedi training (High Quality RP. With an emphasis on Jedi Academy game-play, not merely text based RP. Text base can get stale and can lack substance and depth in my humble opinion and JA can offer so much more than that.) Jedi training and teaching would be conducted daily at the Temple; as well as, light saber training and physical training. Padawans and their respected Masters would be delegated to go on missions together throughout the Galaxy. They will be on the lookout for other Force Sensitives (roleplayers) that they may come across while they learn from other cultures and Force Sensitives (dueling, recruiting and reconnaissance of other clans).

I do not wish to be too wordy and lose any readers with too many details. I hope I have conveyed my deep determination for this to be a reality. I am willing to discuss, add, adjust and hear any new ideas or opinions that you all may have. You may not wish to be apart of this. But I would like to strongly encourage your Council to mediate on this. The Galaxy is quite an unstable place these days (JA and the state of the RP community as a whole) and our way of life will not endure unless we work together! DAJ survived as long as it did because of dedicated Jedi as yourself. I ask you all once again to dig deep, call upon for Force and to meditate on this. May the Force be with you all and I look forward to hearing from you all.

(Additional OCC Comments: Thank you for reading everyone. Alittle bit about myself, I am 24 years old and I am finishing up my last few week of Nursing School. I am very passionate about the prospect of this and I am hoping that you will all at least consider. I myself have been re-energized in my interest in DAJ after reading some new Star Wars novels, and of course the new Star Wars movie trailer. I found myself rather moved by it and thinking about the early DAJ days. Mutius even told me on facebook similar things and said, "we got to LIVE Star Wars" and that is so true. I even purchased a book a year or so ago called "the Jedi Code" at the Walt Disney World Star Wars area that also reminded me of the Jedi teachings during my days at DAJ. There was something special with those early days at DAJ, and with your help I would like to try.)
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PostSubject: Re: A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil   Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:48 pm

After helping DAJ up on its feet several times im quite done with trying.
People keep breaking it, people keep thinking they know how to run it better and it ended up in the state you found it in now.

This forum isnt used anymore for clan purposes, more to stay in contact with some peeps and PMing others.
This isnt a splinter group since we quit when a bunch of people broke off and booted their own clan.
After that DAJ changed names into several stuff and eventually ending up in DA Order.

I cba to help anymore and cba to put anymore energy into JKA or DAJ.
I wish you all the best for helping out if they even allow you in that far that you can actually do something.
We might've met ages ago since ive been in DAJ when Kavar and Mutius were leaders(Disk Danva, adopted by Sirius & Cortana).

Anyways, certain ppl ruined it for me because they just wanted the ''power'' as they thought that was all i cared for and now i left they keep asking me to return.

Thanks but no thanks.
I now live in a peacefull village(check the screenshot)

I made the whole village myself together with a bunch of people that used to play in DAJ.
For anyone that doesnt know this is the game ''Rust'' its newest version(experimental).
Its giving alot of options, as you can see with what i built sofar.

I havent tried the Oxide mod but that even brings in more.
I used Oxide in the old version of Rust which gave ALOT of roleplaying abilities(e.g. the color codes).

Every week more and more is added to the game, devs are working hard for optimizing the game and adding new content.
So when finally the game started running better i hosted the server and made the village above which is still expanding ^^

I welcome any of you if you own the game or is interested to come and take a look, steam also offers streaming so yeah you can watch me or whoever else plays it to have a look:)


He Who Wishes to be Obeyed Must Know How to Command.

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Jack of Blades


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PostSubject: Re: A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil   Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:04 pm

Pretty funny, isn't it?

First blame us, among other people to be bad leaders, and then mess up and ask us back.

That's some logic right there.

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Serenity Vos


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PostSubject: Re: A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil   Wed May 13, 2015 5:16 am

I for one do not remember you as i am too from the founding year of DAJ. Perhaps my memory just does not serve me well today, This is sad news that DAJ is under a depression. It's been 11 years since the creation of DAJ and many names and conflicts have come and gone. I never expected DAJ to last this long and under go so many changes in the systems and RP.. However the fact that Daj has survived this long I am for one determined to keep it alive if i can. But it took more than 1 person to make Daj and it will take more than 1 to keep it alive. I offer my services to this clan and I ask the service of some of our leaders to remain here with us atleast until we can flourish again. I have a great deal of ideas and suggestions to revamp our clan to its former glory. Zaraz, If you are a former founder then you remember just as well as i do what Daj used to be and how it was run. Maps and everything. I think if we revert back to the original days without all these OOC things and hit points and such, we can thrive again, And perhaps OLD members will even contribute to in some way to the future. I personally would like to see Daj return to our home Map, The Academy... You know with the Red Rugs and Banners, Across the stars music playing and assigned rooms to the nights and masters. That was our most critical time in our history as well as the most beautiful. I remember i was living in Canada back in 2005 and i was so bored at 11pm because the time difference seperated me from most of everyone. So one night i stayed up and killed 1,000 bots in 1 hour. Ironically Mutius was somehow watching, Don't ask me how but he was... The Server started talking to me and i knew it was him. There were a ton of good times. Did you and Kavar ever sit ontop of the waterfall and just talk about whatever for hours? I did and i miss it. The Clan war with Crimson Elite, That was so epic nothing can ever replace the outcome of that. The Burning Dawn War was just as memorable. As you probably know Daj stayed to itself back then, Sure there were a lot more players on jka back then but we let people come to us. We even had different clans come to us just to hang out. I remember one guy came onto our server and asked if any of us wanted to go flying because he was a captain in some clan of pilots. I went flying with them a few times and such. People looked forward to skipping school or waiting to get out of school just to play (Like me). I remember back then Ghiath (Mutius) was in college and played soccer, Able raced mopeds lol. I remember the most epic character and saberist in Daj history from 2005-6 his name was Jin Valentine. Daj completely captivated me and has stayed in my heart for reasons i can go on and on about. And the whole Kavar thing about him becoming a traiter and causing some of our wars?? I call Bull on that.. Kavar was my mentor and he cared for me just as much as Mutius did. And they cared for all the members just the same. We can totally bring all of that back. Please don't give up.

Sincerely yours~
 Serenity Vos

          AKA Moonlight Serenity
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PostSubject: Re: A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil   

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A Proposal from Zaraz Valandil
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