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 Gromas 16 - The Blood Moon

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Gromas 16 - The Blood Moon   Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:28 pm

Mining Facility Re-established

Six years after the massacre on Gromas 16 and the robbery of most of the phrikite ore, the Empire has decided to restore the mining facilty on the "Blood Moon" since new signs of resources have been recognized in the vicinity.

Security has now been tightened, the Imperial Military assuring the safety of the workers in the mining facility.

Sports News

Also, the Imperial Fireflies have won against the Hotpots in today's Huttball game held on Nar Shaddaa with an astonishing score of 5-0. One of the Firefly players has been recognized for his skills as he managed to be the one carrying the ball behind enemy lines three times in a row! He - Anous Daniel - will be rewarded accordingly as he has made the Empire proud!
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Gromas 16 - The Blood Moon
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