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 Breaking News! Emperor Missing - Galactic Reformation

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: Breaking News! Emperor Missing - Galactic Reformation   Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:15 am

DANN - Dark Angels News Network - Breaking News!

Emperor Missing
In an official statement today, Darth Hexon of the Dark Council on Dromund Kaas, has declared the Emperor: Officially Missing.
A statement released by Imperial Security Forces stated: ''The Emperor's Shuttle mysteriously disappeared after entering hyperspace on an uncharted rout to the Unknown Regions. Four Minutes and thirty-seven seconds after the jump to hyperspace was made, contact with the shuttle was disrupted and all signals from the shuttle stopped. Several teams were sent to investigate and nothing was found of the Emperor or the shuttle.''

The Dark Council and the Imperial Knights have declared a state of Emergency and Several Meetings are already in place to discus the future of the Empire. ''One thing is for certain... The Empire can not control the core words safely without the Emperor present, as such we have happily released control of the systems to their respective owners.'' Stated Imperial Knight Emeric after the first of several meetings had finished.

One thing that this reporter can say for sure, the Empire can go in any direction from here.

Galactic Reformation

In a surprising turn of events, the New Galactic Confederacy senate have passed a vote to once a gain, split up. The Galactic Alliance and the Republic of Allied Systems have been reestablished and all territories have restored to their previous owners. The Inquisitor leadership has also been disbanded and the Jedi Order on Coruscant has been restored. Both parties, along with the Empire have signed Neutrality Agreements that will at least for the time being, provide peace.

In other news, Coruscant is under heavy repair as the plant life created by the Genesis super weapon as begun dieing, unable to support it self. ''The dead foliage will take months to remove from the planet.'' Stated Senator Bukan of Thokos


There is no doubt, the galaxy is in for some interesting events in the future, lets hope the peace lasts as long as it can. This is Jessica Havenfall, signing out.
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Breaking News! Emperor Missing - Galactic Reformation
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