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 Stories by Vigil - Backround events

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PostSubject: Stories by Vigil - Backround events   Tue Apr 01, 2014 6:01 am

(Im going to be writing a few ''Short Stories'' if you will, mostly around what Nuhallis is doing out in the big bad galaxy, and if approved, some of the events could be taken as ''DaJ Canon'' meaning, those that tie into the story arcs, and news posts and such can be considered ''legit'' and have actually happened within the daj universe.)

The First Imperial Liberation of Anaxes - Vong War 347 ABY

The night air was warm, a low breeze spreading the smell of fire and smoke that burned on the western streets, past the barricades of the Citadel. He looked down to his wrist com, just as it began to beep, hitting the button on his wrist, Nuhallis looked eagerly as the hologram of his cousin Amalia emitted from the comlink.

''The western Barricades are back up, casualties are high, I'm not sure how ~~~ longer we ~~~ hold the next attack before we need to fall back to the Citadel it self. The scouts said we have a bout two minutes until they hit us again.. I'm worried -''

Amalia's transmission is cut off just as what looked to be a GA bomber flies overhead, heading north by the looks, right to the Northern Barricades. Worried, he shoots a glance to freshly appointed Commander Jenik, in charge of was left of the Galactic Alliance ground forces on Anaxes, he only returns to the same worried look...

''Commander, we need to get them out of there!'' yells Nuhallis, as the northern alarms begin to sound.
''Its to late! Com's are down!'' he looks to the north, releasing a gasp as the bomber releases a full payload on the barricade and its defenders.. ''Oh no...''

With a roaring thunder bomb after bomb erupts on, and around the barricade. Sending the rubble flying, and sending those who are not hit running, falling back as the Vong forces begun rushing through the crushed defenses...

''Quick, send a runner to to the Western Barricade, tell them to fall back, we need to hold the Citadel... with the northern Barricade down we can't afford to keep troops over there!'' the commander yells, and without even needing to point, a scout jumps on a speeder and speeds off on his way west. ''The rest of you lot, man defensive positions!''

As if on queue, what was about thirty to maybe forty troops all yell in unison, ''Sir Yes Sir!''

The commander looks to Nuhallis, ''I'll let you do what you think is best Seeker.. or what ever the hell you are...''

Nuhallis gives the commander a swift nod, ''I'll take the rest of my task force and Beven, we will hold them as long as we can.'' he turned around, facing Seeker Bevan, and what was left of the sene task force sent with them, five... five troops was all he had left... along with two other Sene Seekers, one of which was at the western barricade... ''Well don't just stand there people, We have Vong to slay!''

And with that, they were off... they charged, meeting the rushing vong force and the retreating GA troops halfway to the Citadel, the Sene troopers took defensive positions, all watching each others backs,  first Oron, hunkering down behind a destroyed speeder, pulling his rifle and began firing at the Vong Warriors, followed by Syres, Fen, Xirena, and Milly. Beven, drawing his sword along with Nuhallis as they leaped in front of the speeder to what would seem a futile stalling measure.

''We need to hold them for as long as we can! Give them everything you got!'' Seeker Beven yelled as his sword clashed with that of a Vong Warrior, locked in deadly combat.

Nuhallis was silent as he drew his second sword, letting off a grunt as he blocked the heavy cleave coming from an assaulting vong warrior. He retracts his blades and with a twin diagonal swipe he swiftly cuts down the warrior only to meet another... he has already tuned everything out. He didn't care he was going to die now, or die later, all he heard was the blaster fire from the sene troopers, that’s all he needed to hear.... he knew they were out numbered 100 to 1, so nothing else mattered, as long as they went down fighting.

He flowed in combat for what felt like hours, only giving a quick glance at Bevan as he fell to the ground with a bloody back. A glance was all he could afford to give, one second more and he would be meet the same fate, he had to take down as many as he could with him. He didn't even notice the burning remains of a vong cruiser falling in from the black clouds of smoke, oh five or so miles into the distance. He didn't hear the loud hum of the engines, not until they released their first shots, shots that broke him from his battle meditation, he looked up...

About a dozen Imperial gunships soared over, firing precise multi-target lasers on the vong throughout the streets...  Half of them landing up closer, and others far into the distance. Each opening their doors, letting loose squads of Imperial Commandos and Imperial Knights...  It was then that he looked up, to the sky. He saw the Imperial Fleet decimating the Vong fleet, and for the first time in weeks... he smiled... he had hope...

A heavily armored officer, taking off her helm as she walked up to Nuhallis, greeting him with a stern Smile... ''Commander Talia of the 721st Fleet''...
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Stories by Vigil - Backround events
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