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 Emperor Assasinated

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: Emperor Assasinated   Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:49 pm

INN - Imperial News Network - Dark Angels Feed

Penumbra Emperor Assassinated

The emperor of the Penumbra empire has been killed, a immolation slug through his brain saw his life extinguish in a bright burst of flame, Authorities are out looking for a small hooded figure as seen above. Initial investigations point to a jawa although its unknown what motivation a jawa would have to travel this far from tatooine.

Meetings have begun in the wake of his death talking of the next step, his previous seizing of control of both Republic of Allied Systems and Galactic Alliance forces was still not fully implemented when his death occurred. New proceedings are taking place in lieu of his death in order to ascertain who should lead the crumbling empire.

The Imperials have begun seizing back their planets, with the Penumbran emperor dead there was little resistance on those owned planets and Imperials have once again begun taking back the core worlds.

The Deep Core & Virology

The Empire has once Again Seized the deep core worlds including coruscant, the opposing Penumbra forces have been escorted off world. The virus that is said to have been rampaging through imperial space is reported to have been cured due to the hard work of imperial scientists. Long live the empire!
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Emperor Assasinated
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