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 --Closed-- Harrol Galdis

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PostSubject: --Closed-- Harrol Galdis   Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:39 am

(RP)Name - Harrol Galdis

(RP)Gender - Male

(RP) Age - 18

(RP)Race - Male

(RP)Place of Birth - Coruscant

(RP)Why do you want to become a Dark Angels Jedi? - It is what my family wishes for me, and I wish to find a personal connection with and greater understanding of the force.

(RL)Age - 22

(RL)Do you have friends/brothers/sisters in DAJ? - No.

(RL)Have you read the DAJ Constitution and agreed to follow DAJ rules? - Yes and yes.

(RP)Have you ever been a member of the Dark angels jedi before? and if so who/what rank were you? - I have never been to this community before.

(RP)Other Names/Characters - N/A

(RP)Previous Clans - N/A

(RP)Short Biography - Harrol was born to a wealthy family of successful and powerful lawyers residing on Coruscant.  From a young age, he was incredibly adventurous and often made his parents worry when he would go off into the city.  Although he grew up in a well-to-do area of the enormous city, it was common for him and his friends to explore the seedier parts of town.  When he began school, his instructors noticed that he was very different from the other children.  The young boy excelled far beyond his level in his studies, physical abilities, and social interactions, eventually catching the interest of one of his father's colleagues.  After a series of tests, he was found to have a high midi-chlorian count and his parents agreed to have him sent to the academy.  As an initiate, he showed deep interest in his scholarly studies - particularly in history, politics, and philosophy - while he struggled with his martial skills.  Nonetheless, after years of diligence and trials, he began to finish his Initiate trials and moved towards becoming a Padawan.  Back on Coruscant, he has an older brother and sister, and kept in regular contact with them as a child but has since focused on his studies.
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PostSubject: Re: --Closed-- Harrol Galdis   Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:15 am

Welcome Smile. We do have some rules however, that require new members/characters to start out at a younger age, and without prior training, unless however it is a special case or council approved. You may have better chances of being accepted if you start out as a younger, and less experienced character. For the most part, it helps your character grow and develop through IRP events within the clan it self. (also just a few notes, due to current plots, there is a lot of death on Coruscant, and due to the use of a super weapon, the planet has been turned into a plant/jungle world, I would check out the news posts to get a better idea, it may help you adjust your bio).

And something that's nice to check out:
Elaborated Rules  of conduct IRP.
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--Closed-- Harrol Galdis
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