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 Birth of a new Empire

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Diana Allera

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PostSubject: Birth of a new Empire   Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:56 pm

The Penumbra Empire Rises

A special meeting between the G.A., R.A.S. and the Empire has occurred on Corellia, called upon by Supreme Chancellor Vylingas. His whole speech has been broadcasted across the whole galactic television.

"Citizens of the civilized galaxy..."
"As you all know, the Republic of Allied Systems and the Galactic Alliance have stood together up to this day, both as important assets to the safety of the entire galaxy."
"Still, there were those who would try to capture what we rightfully own."
"Though we have proven that we can and will defend our ways of life against the creatures known as the Vong."
*A screen in the middle of the Senate building flickers to life and displays the news about several southern sectors being liberated.*
"The Infection that was spread wide across our territories is no longer a threat to us. Defensive countermeasures have been adopted in order to stop this plague from invading our space in the future."
*The television screen displays the droid army taking over Onderon.*
"However, by focusing on these problems, we never suspected that the greatest threat would come from within."
"The Imperials have conspired against us, destroying Coruscant with the help of their Sith forces, eliminating most of the members of the well-known Inquisition."
"We have solid reasons to believe that it was actually them that had released the plague into our space, but we need not to worry, as we have turned their own weapon against them."
"The Empire had hoped to grind our societies into ruin... They have claimed the Deep Core as theirs. But we will not let them succeed what they had expected to accomplish."
*The news show the Deep Core being under attack by the R.A.S. and the G.A.*
"The remaining Imperials will be hunted down and defeated!"
"These have been dark times, but I assure you that we will pass through them together!"
"In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic of Allied Systems and the Galactic Alliance will be reorganized into the third Galactic Empire - the Penumbra Empire! For a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for over a thousand years!"
*Thunderous applauses are heard throughout the Senate building*
"An Empire that will be ruled by the enlightened guidance of one individual."
"Let the enemies of the Empire heed my words - anyone opposing Penumbran resolve will be destroyed."
"We will prevail."
"One thousand years of peace begins today."

New Galactic Map released!

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Birth of a new Empire
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